Hot wild teen Ariel is an awesome tease

Hot wild teen Ariel Rebel is an awesome tease whose favorite activity is playfully exposing her sexy young naked body.  I really like this set by this quirky little babe.  As tomboyish as she normally is, it is always nice to see that she also embraces her feminine side.  No matter how far out there a girl is I think they all at some point enjoy getting dressed up in pretty stockings, even if they are only plain white ones, and just being appreciated for the sexy creature they are.  Lovely Ariel is no exception to this.

This makes a lot of sense as she certainly has a petite body well worth appreciating.  Any girl who looks like her and doesn’t want to at least occasionally strip out of her bra and panties and roll around on her bed buck naked is a bit crazy.  She still makes her patented cute looks with her face as she is doing so but it is also obvious that this day is all about celebrating her inner princess.  Today she is just a joyous girly-girl who wants her small boobs, sporty legs, lovely face and cool brunette hair to be desired for their femininity.

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